Winning Entry - Open Face Think Brick Competition
Rosebery, Sydney [2011]

Project Team:
Andrew Burges, Anna Field, Laure Vandenbroucke


Our winning competition entry for new models of high density housing is located in Rosebery, Southern Sydney, situated at the junction of low density typical suburban blocks and large span industrial footprints in a state of obsolescence.

As an alternative to the ubiquitous medium density apartment type, we proposed a hybrid block configuration that maintains the low scale of the adjacent suburban block pattern combined with an intensive footprint of use derived from the matt carpet of the industrial block. Configurations are structured around the insertion of a domestic compactus of brick cores containing essential domestic and environmental infrastructure. This tight grain, intensive mixed-use, low scale medium density footprint is proposed as both a real strategy for re-occupation of the remaining industrial building stock and as a theoretical model for alternate patterns of housing inspired by the juxtaposition of forces currently present in Rosebery: the suburban dwelling, the infrastructure of physical production, and landscape.