New Two Storey Residence
Bondi, Sydney [2012]

Project Team:
Andrew Burges, Celia Carroil, Louise Lovmand, Anna Field,  Laure Vandenbroucke



The site for this new house was a long, thin, flat block typical of the more densely occupied suburbs of Sydney. This site geometry typically produces the ‘shot-gun’ house type with a series of rooms off a side corridor, usually looking directly into identical neighbouring buildings.  Our goal for the project was to attempt to overcome the spatial and amenity limitations typical of this common block type. 

Our strategy was to accept the exterior envelope as a direct expression of the rectangular geometry of the site, but to use the elements of the interior to shift and re-orientate geometries and outlooks to orientate the house away from neighbours, focusing on creating connections with the sky and the garden from both levels of the interior.