Two Villas, Boathouse
Point Piper, Sydney [2009]

Project Team:
Andrew Burges, Cameron Donald, Louise Lovmand, Joanna Butler, Jeremy Bull, Celia Carroil, Laure Vandenbroucke, Min Dark, James Fegali

Ant Building



Located on a steeply sloping waterfront site above Seven Shillings beach, this 7 storey structure contains 2 luxury villas and a waterside boatshed.  Moving down the seven levels of the building from street to Harbour, the materials change from the refined to the robust. On the foreshore we have selected materials that have a history of weathering successfully in the more public structures of the waterfront – sandstone, rough sawn concrete, and recycled timber.   We designed the threshold for this boathouse with weight and solidarity to create a cavernous quality to the interior that is distinct from the surrounding lightweight timber boathouse structures.