New Aquatic Centre, Gym & Park
Sydney, Australia [ONGOING]

In Collaboration with Grimshaw and
TCL Landscape Architects

Project Team:
Andrew Burges, Chris Mullaney, Gero Heimann, Louise Lovmand, Isabell Adam, Min Dark, Eric Ye, Lucas MacMillan, Alex Wilson, Nard Buijs (Grimshaw).   



Very few Aquatic Centres have been able to offer the pleasures of swimming that can match the primacy and hedonistic experience of swimming in Sydney’s beach and harbour pools. Inspired by our collage of Sydney beach pools, our competition winning proposal established a playful interaction of natural and constructed landscapes that grafts the beach into the urban pool experience. 

Close analysis of the physical and social qualities of Sydney’s coastal pools was synthesised with an extensive analysis of the past and future character of the GPARC’s site at Green Square, Australia’s largest urban renewal site strategically located between the CBD and Sydney Airport. The site was re-imagined as a continuous wetland landscape of the original Botany Swamp, with a series of pool and recreational landscapes embedded through topographic insertions into the wetland landscape, creating a continuous park footprint across the whole site. The enclosure of the Aquatic Centre was created by an industrial scale urban trellis floating over this park landscape – a remnant large span roof reminiscent of the structures of the area prior to its contemporary transformation in the face of industrial obsolescence.